Dead Ends

by Thin Skin

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released February 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Thin Skin Detroit, Michigan


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Track Name: Intro/Firing Squad
problems surface.
what's the purpose?
is it worth it?
do I deserve this?

my mind is flooding.
I saw this coming.
I'll stop for nothing.
'cause I'm not running.

with everything I gave I still have nothing to show.
what do I do when I have no control?
I lost count of times I've had to crawl to my feet.
how hard does this always have to be?

life cuts into me and spits in my face.
it tears away at parts of me and puts them in graves.
it knocks me down. there's no way out.
but, I'll fight to get back up with all of the strength in my veins.

I'll bend but I won't fold.
although I've sunk so low, I can beat the heat I can handle the cold.
Track Name: D.A.
we're stronger now for the fact you're not around.
you want to keep us down. that's what it's about.

you need peace of mind?
here's a piece of mine.
we never needed you.
save your breath. don't waste our time.

[you're a] waste of time.
Track Name: Rage By Rage
I can't push ahead. it's building inside.
there's nowhere left to bury these things in my mind.

I've been pushed too far to not cross the line.
my skin is too thin to not clench my fist this time.

I've been here before. I'm too close to the edge.
take this as a warning. I won't say this again.
you better make sure that your distance is kept.
one false step and I might lose my head.

I've been pushed too far. you can see it on my face.
my skin is too thin. rage by rage.
Track Name: Blight
I keep falling down. I'm hanging by a thread.
I'm looking for ways out. I'm stuck in my head.

there are nothing but dead ends. I feel like this is it.
every time I get up I fall into pits.

I've been pushed down and forced out far too many times with no end in sight.

all my life I've had to fight just to feel alright. it's hard to live with myself and that's the reason why I keep losing more sleep at night. I'm sick of fighting my mind just to try to survive.

I'm under pressure. I'm filled up with doubt.
the view from the top is a long way down.

there's nowhere to run. I wish I could disappear.
my time is up. I have nothing here.
Track Name: Draw The Line
between the lines I see the lies. do you mean a word you've ever said?
you take and take, but make or break I'm seeing and hearing from you less and less.

you gave up on me

the only thing that you gave me were all the empty promises you left.
you can say all that you say, but I know you can't get me out your head.

you believed in everything but me.